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Please use the form below if you want to know more about a particular work or would like to purchase artwork or call the studio at 651.318.7100 and leave a message. As a rule, I don’t pick up on phone numbers I don’t recognize but always return calls with voice messages in a timely fashion.

Please be kind and use the form for studio relevant inquires or to purchase original artwork only. Pitching services or irrelevant messages will be ignored and/or blocked.

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Terra Kind Studio showcases the creative work of visual artist and designer Kristin Maija Peterson. Growing up among prairies, lakes, rivers, and oak savannas along with her project work with environmental nonprofit organizations have collectively influenced her creative path. Kristin works in watercolor, graphite, color pencil, oil pastels and pen and ink, interpreting in detail the beautiful chaos within native wild spaces and its inhabitants found living there. She sees all living creatures as kin and is always kind to spiders.

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p: 651 318 7100

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