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Works On Paper

ABOVE: I Will Wait For You Forever © 2022 Kristin Maija Peterson. Watercolor on 300 lb. Fabriano Watercolor Paper  (28” x 33.5” Framed)

I Am a Beauty Hunter.

My artwork represents the wild, the messy, the landscape within a landscape. The spaces and places I find most intriguing and magical are often overlooked by passersby. Yet their details reveal ecosystems vital to the whole. There is such beauty in the natural chaos of things.



Artwork Teaser Assemblage byKristin Maija Peterson Solo Exhibition Notice Opening June 5 2022




435 Garden View Lane, Owatonna, MN 55060
June 5 – June 30, 2022

Tuesdays – Sundays, 1:00 to 5:00 pm

This debut solo exhibit explores the question of beauty in the natural world, one we view as wild and chaotic. What is considered beautiful and what is not? How does that clash with our own aesthetics and understanding of our everyday natural surroundings?

The artist asks the viewer to remember their inner eight-year-old self when everything you saw outside at your feet was a new discovery, everything miraculous. There were no judgments, just awe.

Works on paper include large-scale drawings, watercolors, stories, and quotes reflecting on these thoughts as it relates to ourselves, climate change, and our interconnected relationship to all living things.

20% of the proceeds go to support the Owatonna Arts Center. 10% will be donated to Minnesota environmental non-profits. By purchasing a work of art, you’ll have a beautiful original for your home while contributing to the greater good.

EARLY REVIEWS:Exquisite!” “Worth the drive to see the showing!” “Love how the artist displays stories alongside her work. It gives meaning and insight to each piece.

Children of Nature: Find Your Wonderland featured on MPR’s
Art Hounds, June 16, 2022.


Latest Work

We Are Star Dust watercolor pen and ink original work by Kristin Maija Peterson

We Are Stardust

Watercolor  and ink on 300lb 100% Cotton Hot Press Fabriano Watercolor Paper. 37” H x 28.5” W. Framed.
© 2022 Kristin Maija Peterson I 2000 USD


The foot path was strewned with fallen yellow Aspen leaves. The contrast was stunning and I wanted to capture it somehow. The swirl of the leaves and the white grains on the path made me think of space, planets, and floating, weightless over the Milky Way. It also made me think of the refrain from Joni Mitchell’s song Woodstock.

We are stardust
We are golden
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden

Deep down, I think we all want to get ourselves back to the garden, find ourselves re-connected with nature. Nature is a part of who we are afterall.

Special Note: The ink background was created using .005 Pigma Micron Archival Ink pens. I went through a total of 14 pens to complete this piece.



10% of all Terra Kind Studio’s annual sales of original artwork and prints are donated to nonprofits working on environmental and climate change issues. By supporting this local artist, you can have beauty on your walls while doing good in the world.

All artwork shown on this website is protected by copyright law and can not be reproduced without expressed written permission by the artist.
Be kind and share but don’t steal.


Terra Kind Studio showcases the creative work of visual artist and designer Kristin Maija Peterson. Growing up among prairies, lakes, rivers, and oak savannas along with her project work with environmental nonprofit organizations have collectively influenced her creative path. Kristin works in watercolor, graphite, color pencil, oil pastels and pen and ink, interpreting in detail the beautiful chaos within native wild spaces and its inhabitants found living there. She sees all living creatures as kin and is always kind to spiders.

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p: 651 318 7100

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