In Conversation: Live with SocialNicole

In Conversation: Live with SocialNicole

Sitting down with Nicole Harrison, founder and president of SN:D Digital Agency to be her first live conversation and launch of The Art of Being Social: Live podcast/video series was good practice for my upcoming artist talk. I love the idea of talking to an audience, but my body has a completely different agenda. It wants to pump as much adrenaline as it possibly can into my system until I stop breathing altogether. Or so it seems. I have yet to pass out in front of an audience. (Thank god!) We recorded our conversation just days before opening my debut solo exhibit, Children of Nature: Find Your Wonderland at the Owatonna Arts Center in Owatonna, Minnesota. Check out the Art Exhibition page for details. Note to self: Don’t be so damn serious!

Full disclosure. Nicole and I go back to 2010. She was starting her own business and hired me to create branding for her new venture. It didn’t stop there. Over the years, I have been a board advisor and art director for the non-profit The Mars Generation Nicole co-founded with her aspiring astronaut daughter, Abby Harrison. It was a real honor and treat to be asked.

In this space called a podcast, we talked about how I transitioned from my 30-something year-long profession as a graphic designer to my vocation as a visual artist. It has been a journey. I answer lots of questions about being an artist and a businesswoman, my process, and a few other things. Take a listen.


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