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How to Frame Your Terra Kind Studio Archival Art Prints

Open-ended and limited edition prints sold at Terra Kind Studio come in standard sizes so you should not have problems finding a suitable frame in which to present and hang your new archival art prints. Still, framing can feel like a daunting task! That’s why I have provided a few tips, suggestions, and framing resources to take some of the guesswork out of framing your new archival art prints.

Let’s Start with Framing Styles

Here is where I keep things real simple. As an artist who is intimate with her work and has framed many pieces (I’ve even worked in a frame shop once upon a time!) I can tell you that prints of my artwork look best framed in:

1. Simple natural wood (think pine or maple) frame

2. Black frame

3. Natural weathered wood frame (gray tones are wonderful)

Recommend the width of frames to be from 1 inch to 1.5 inches.


1. Metal frames

2. Ornate or heavy dark frames

3. White frames

Everyone has their own taste and sense of aesthetics. However, if you use this as a guide, you can’t go wrong in your choice. Presentation is everything in making artwork and art prints look their best hanging on your walls.

Many frames that come in standard sizes* often come with a mat so it makes it that much easier to open the back and position the artwork in the frame.

A Word About Matting and Mats: BE SURE all mats are made of acid-free materials. White to slightly off-white matting works best for Terra Kind Studio prints. You want mats that are acid-free to preserve the integrity and value of your archival art prints.

Matting rule of thumb: Generous mat borders showcase your art prints much better than skimpy 2-inch mats. Working with a local framer gives you lots of flexibility, however, online framing websites can offer a range of mat sizes and frames.

* Terra Kind Prints are sold to fit into standard-size frames.

Choosing to purchase a smaller print but don’t want it to look like a postage stamp hanging on your wall? The professional solution is to frame a smaller print in a larger frame with broad matting all around.

For example:
8.5 x 8.5-inch print (print has .5 inch white border)
20 x 20-inch frame
Mat size 20 x 20 inches; 6 inches of mat on all sides
Mat window for your print 8 x 8 inches

Results: Stunning!

Framing Resources

Some of these are ones I have researched that accommodate standard-size prints. Other framing resources I have personal experience in using.

Bay Isle Home

Wayfair Basics

I’ve linked to some lovely wooden frame examples.

I have personally used FrameBridge. It was created by an artist who understood the issues around framing and framing well. They send you a shipping container for your print when you select and order online. When your print has been framed, they ship it to you, ready to hang. So simple. They even have designers to help you in the selection process. Highly recommended.

Simply Framed is similar to FrameBridge in terms of service and framing. Pricing may vary.

I used this online resource for framing original artwork when I have not created a piece that would fit into a standard frame (not everything is a standard size). The prices are very reasonable with a healthy variety of frames to suit any taste. Highly recommended.

NOTE: Because you will be placing your print into the frame by removing the backing, you will also need to be adept at installing the hanging hardware that the company supplies. It’s pretty simple to do this but using a gimlet or awl to get the holes going for the screws so as not to split the wood of the frame is a good idea.

GOOD OLD STANDBYS (for framing smaller prints).
I have to admit, I have had good results working with the framing department at Micheal’s and occasionally found a good frame+matting at Target stores.

And then there is Amazon.

HOT FRAMING TIP: This is an idea I gleaned from another artist and wish I had thought of it myself. If you are a fan of thrift shops, flea markets, and garage sales, you could snag some really amazing frames for very little. A creative mindset helps. You may need to have a new mat cut, clean the glass, and be able to remove the backing, and replace it, as well as be able to remove and replace the hanging hardware and wire.

Keep in mind that finding the perfect frame takes a bit of time. Even with this narrow list of suggestions, it could take time to find the frame that you love or blends your home’s decor. If you have ever taken artwork to be framed at a local frame merchant, you know what I mean. Still, it is time well spent and there is nothing like working with a professional to make the process run smoothly.

Happy framing!


All artwork shown on this website is protected by copyright law and can not be reproduced without expressed written permission by the artist.
Be kind and share but don’t steal.


Terra Kind Studio showcases the creative work of visual artist and designer Kristin Maija Peterson. Growing up among prairies, lakes, rivers, and oak savannas along with her project work with environmental nonprofit organizations have collectively influenced her creative path. Kristin works in watercolor, graphite, color pencil, oil pastels and pen and ink, interpreting in detail the beautiful chaos within native wild spaces and its inhabitants found living there. She sees all living creatures as kin and is always kind to spiders.

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