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Children of Nature Exhibit View One

Gallery View One


Children of Nature Exhibit View 2

Gallery View Two

I designed four quote posters that were relevant to the exbibit. Quotes were from Kahlil Gibran, Rachel Carson, E.O. Wilson and Mary Oliver.

Children of Nature Exhibit View 3

Gallery View Three

Children of Nature Exhibit View 4

Gallery View Four

Children of Nature Exhibit View 5

Gallery View Five

I had two framed prints of studies I did while in Hawai’i and three native plants for a raffle drawing. The native plants were largely symbolic to ask people to re-evaluate how they view and use their yards in light of climate change. The Hawaiian studies represent the fragility of islands and efforts to protect and maintain their ecosystems and biodiversity.

Children of Nature Exhibit View 6

Gallery View Six

Children of Nature Exhibit View 7

Gallery View Seven

Children of Nature Exhibit View 8

Gallery View Eight

Children of Nature Exhibit View 9

Gallery View Nine

Children of Nature Exhibit View 10

Gallery View Ten

Children of Nature Exhibit View 11

Gallery View Eleven


Gallery View Twelve


Gallery View Thirteen

Children of Nature Exhibit View 11

Gallery View Fourteen


This Is Not A Weed No. 1 (Common Mullen)


Basket (Dried Bull Thistle)
Graphite Pencil


This Is Not A Weed No. 2 (Common Mullen)


We Are Stardust (Aspen Leaves on Pathway)
Watercolor + Archival Ink


Watery Worlds (Dew on Cottonwood Leaf)


Little Spring Thing (Species Unknown)


Tree Knots No.1 (Hedgeball Tree)
Watercolor + Graphite Pencil


Tree Knots No.2 (Hedgeball Tree)
Watercolor + Graphite Pencil


Orange Fairy Cup (Fungi)


Tiny Universes (Moss and Other Plants)


The Undertaker (American Carrion Beetle)
Archive Ink + Color Pencil


Native Blues (Wild Lupine)


Ophelia (I Want To Live In a Time Without Plastic)
Watercolor Pencil


Temporary Housing (Non-Human Architect Series)
Graphite Pencil


Collateral Beauty (Non-Human Architect Series)
Graphite Pencil

I Rode The Breeze As Children Do Work Inspired by poem, Planted

I Rode the Breeze as Children Will
and Took Root Someplace Else

Work inspired by the poem Planted by Deborah A. Goschy; part of the 20th Annual Poet Artist Collaboration exhibit.

Children of Nature Exhibit View 10

Kahlil Gibran Quote

Rachel Carson Quote

Rachel Carson Quote

Mary Oliver Quote

Mary Oliver Quote

E.O. Wilson Quotes

E.O. Wilson Quotes

children of nature exhibit at the minnesota landscape arboretum / reedy gallery / 2023




“Well worth the drive!”

“Love the stories that accompany the artwork. They give insight and a deeper meaning behind the artwork.”

A must-see forest-bathing-like experience that delights the most curious mind and the most compassionate heart.

Kristin Maija Peterson guides you through the precise intricacies of nature that we’ve somehow overlooked until now. Her work delivers a master class in paying attention.

Anne Berg

Vyway ~ Market & Brand Strategy

So delicate and strong…and thank you for capturing orange.


So delicate and strong…and thank you for capturing orange.


I feel like a fairy happening into an enchanting, fantastical gardens. Thank you, Kristin


I wish I had the time to truly look at your beautiful work that you took to create them. Thank you for your words and paintings — and for the beauty you’re putting into our fragile world.


Very interesting exhibit. Love the art and the connection to preservation. What is a weed is in the eye of the beholder. Thank you for bringing this great exhibit to the Arb!

What breathtaking works of art! I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite and feel fortunate to see these beautiful masterpieces.


Beautiful! It’s like visiting an enchanted world that we often ignore. The style and detail are intriguing and inspiring to see beauty that sometimes goes unnoticed.



Terra Kind Studio showcases the creative work of visual artist and designer Kristin Maija Peterson. Growing up among prairies, lakes, rivers, and oak savannas along with her project work with environmental organizations have collectively influenced her creative path. Kristin works in watercolor, graphite, color pencil, oil pastels, and pen and ink, interpreting in detail the beautiful chaos she finds in native wild spaces and its inhabitants who call these spaces home. Kristin sees all living creatures as kin and is always kind to spiders.

Be Kind to Everything That Lives.

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