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In Search of Awe in The Natural World

Welcome and hello. I’m Kristin Maija Peterson, an artist who connects people with the natural world’s everyday, ordinary, and extraordinary facets through art, observation, science, and story.

My work represents the wild, the messy, the misunderstood, and the hidden “spaces” within our Midwest landscapes and those I discover abroad. The spaces and places I find intriguing and magical are the ones we often pass over, yet their details and complexities reveal ecosystems vital to the whole and our well-being. There is such awe and beauty in the natural chaos of things.

For every subject I draw, watercolor, or print, I craft a story that blends art with science to give you a deeper understanding and connection to our natural world. Everything is amazing out here.

18 x 24 vertical watercolor of coral pink Brugmansia blooms set in lush green intimate landscape watercolor painting by visual artist Kristin Maija Peterson

mark your calendars

Showing July 2024

Gamut Gallery C4W Exhibit

Exhibit Dates: July 13th through August 16th, 2024
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 13th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Art Talk: Thursday, July 25th,  from 6:00 to 8:00 pm

C4W Guest Curator: Brant Kingman

Gallery Hours: Friday from 11am to 6pm + Saturday 11am to 4pm.
Appointments welcome. Contact Gallery Director, Francesca Bernardi to
schedule a time. Note the gallery is closed on opening reception dates.

Gamut Gallery is located at 717 10th Street South Minneapolis, MN 55404

Wallflowers (Brugmensia) shown left, 24 x 18 inch watercolor was chosen for
this exhibit. The story about this piece will be posted soon. Watch this space.

Better yet, come to the opening reception. In the philosophy of Gamut Gallery:
“Come for the art, stay for the party.”

See Nature in a New Way

We Will Know When We Get There a new 2023 watercolor by Kristin Maija Peterson as part of her River Divination series


watercolor of mosses and wild vegetation growing out of rock north shore Duluth Minnesota


small bird’s nest made with rough dark plant material interwoven with plastic bag with white lettering


large vertical brilliant green detailed watercolor illustrating backyard landscape artist Kristin Maija Peterson let go wild.




close detailed watercolor of autumn leaf litter in soft pinks, blues, violets, oranges and burnt sienna 20 x 20 inches unframed

To the bumblebee queen, our neighborhood looks like a cold shelterless void. Everyone has raked up all their tree leaves leaving no place for her to hibernate. She is not alone. So many insects depend on leaf litter as a place to hunker down and survive the freezing winter months. Think of the butterfly chrysalises and the moth cocoons, like our beloved Woolly Bear.

There are others that make leaf litter their hibernation home, too, such as worms, mites, millipedes, and spiders who are a food source for other animals. Leaving some or all of your leaves until spring helps ensure biodiversity and balance are sustained.

DETAILS: Watercolor on 300 lb. Fabriano Hotpress watercolor paper,
20 x 20 inches (artwork). The framed size will be about 33 x 33 inches.
Available for sale (framed) $2100. Contact

New watercolor Cradling shown in light pine frame, generous size mat, hanging above wooden shelving in a naturally lit room
new watercolor title cradling shown in light pine frame with generous white mat hangin in a home living room with large arch and natural light coming in from window on the left

Creating art that brings calming awe and the beauty of nature into every room of your home.

By paying attention, being aware, hunting for beauty, I bring you nature-inspired art to enhance your home and your well-being. Introducing ORIGINS, an arbor inspired limited edition botanical style watercolor collection.

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Artist Notes / Explore

Morning Rituals: Setting the Tone for a Creative Day

I have never been a part of the 5:00 am Club. Instead, I wake up naturally at about 7:30 every morning, abiding by my internal clock. Sleep is sacred to me as creativity and without good sleep, I am far less motivated and frankly, not myself. I’ll start by saying that...

How I Make Greeting Cards Using My Artwork

Once upon a time, I wanted to work for Hallmark. I love greeting cards, yet few on the market ever “wow” me. To give something personable, I want to send greeting cards of my own making. I have used my artwork for years to create birthday cards, thank you cards, and...

Bittersweet is Bittersweet

I know my relationship with plants is complicated. A quick search on which plants, specifically terrestrial ones, are invasive to Minnesota gave a list long and heartbreaking. Many of these plants have been in my landscape since childhood. They are familiar and...

You Take the High Road

Low art is a term I was unfamiliar with until I read a post written by artist Breanna Rhodes via Heijeu Arts Central. She recounts in her article how her art professor told her she made low art. It just about crushed her. Had I been told the same thing as a junior in...

Behind the Scenes

Natural things, references and drawings, studies that sometimes lead to progress, discoveries, and new directions. I have a deep, ongoing curiosity about our relationship with the natural world. How has colonization, hybridization, botanizing landscapes, and other human influences impact life on Earth through out history?

hands holding hard bound book titled familiar wild flowers white aster flowers pressed between pages on dark wooded table surrouned by wildflowers
watercolor pen and ink illustration of a prostrate spurge by visual artist Kristin Maija Peterson
pen and ink illustration of oranges on orange artisan paper by visual artist Kristin Maija Peterson
beautiful autumn leaf litter found in my side yard

Giving Back.

10% of all Terra Kind Studio Co.’s annual art sales are donated to nonprofits devoted to environmental and climate change issues.
By supporting my work as an artist, you’ll have nature’s beauty dressing your walls while doing good in the world.

All artwork is the sole property of Kristin Maija Peterson and is held under copyright, even after purchase. The images, artwork, and contents of this website may not be copied, collected, or used for personal or professional gain without written permission from Kristin Maija Peterson. All images of artwork, sold or otherwise, are retained by Kristin Maija Peterson.


Terra Kind Studio showcases the creative work of visual artist and designer Kristin Maija Peterson. Growing up among prairies, lakes, rivers, and oak savannas along with her project work with environmental organizations have collectively influenced her creative path. Kristin works in watercolor, graphite, color pencil, oil pastels, and pen and ink, interpreting in detail the beautiful chaos she finds in native wild spaces and its inhabitants who call these spaces home. Kristin sees all living creatures as kin and is always kind to spiders.

Be Kind to Everything That Lives.

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